Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My NewTech Evaluation -now ONLINE!!!

At first, when we were introduced to the task, I thought, ok, I’m going to do the iPod. This was because I had gotten one last year for Christmas, and like listening to music. I also wanted to think creatively about how my newtech could be involved in learning. I started my Investigation, but since I couldn’t find many references about the iPod in education, I decided to use another new technology, still in the Apple family. Therefore, I chose MacBooks (in general). With this topic, I found it easier to search the net on how MacBooks can be used in education. There were many resources on the Apple website; this made my project more organized.

In my final presentation, I only had to show my blog posts and play my Animoto and VoiceThread to the class. It was easy, and comparing to other VoiceThreads, my sound was loud, and my voice clear. However, my Animoto would have been better if I had more pictures, because I only had the minimum amount. Nevertheless, I am satisfied with my presentation, and glad that it’s OVER!

I am quite happy with my final result, though I know that with more research, it would have even more details than it and more reasons to use MacBooks in education, but I know that it was only a matter of time. If the deadline was farther away than May 14th, I am sure I could have improved my presentation.

To all the students next year, I would recommend that they plan out each lesson carefully, and FOLLOW IT! For me, it was quite hard doing this, and it took me two lessons doing each step (approx.)! I want the entire Earth to be able to do these fun projects, and learn how to blog and use the internet for education. This is because we can learn so much about the development of the world through the new technologies that are at market now. It is a truly great honor to live now, at the world’s modernization phase.

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You have changed!You acutlly like music.Music from THIS genertion?Whats up with you liking punk?Just dont die ur hair pink.