Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Working on the VoiceThread

I am typing the script for VoiceThread, and also putting the pictures in order. We can't uploead our animoto into VoiceThread anymore. Next week is our last day, so I am going to work at home to record, in PEACE and QUIET! (Here, everybody is recording, so it gets a LITTLE loud...



Wednesday, April 23, 2008

VoiceThread Problems... recording next week.

Today, I had a problem with VoiceThread, as it is taking loads of time to load my images. Animoto is going quite well. I just need to add some music.

I am also working on my VoiceThread script. Next week, I will record.

I've found some really good photos, which are listed in another one of my posts: Design: Resources.

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P.S. Today, Mrs. Lindsay told us we can upload our animoto to our VoiceThread. Now, that should be a sight to see!