Wednesday, March 19, 2008

PLAN: Inspiration Map

This is the way I have planned out my lessons for the future (as you can see in my picture):
1. Collect Images :
In this step I will surf the web for images involving MacBooks.
If you have any, please leave a comment with your email, so I can contact you.
2. Edit Images :
In this step I will edit and add titles and captions to the pictures I have chosen.
3.Create animoto:
Here, I will create a 30-second animoto, where I will advertise my product with pictures and funky music.
4.Create Lesson Plan:
This step will focus on making a lesson plan that uses my NewTechnology, and shows that the technology makes it an easier class for everybody.
5.Write script:
I will write a script that I will then use for my VoiceThread, as it is hard to say information about a picture, out of the blue.
6.Create VoiceThread:
Now, I will create my VoiceThread using pictures, and add commentary (from my script), to each picture.
7.Write evaluation:
Finally, I will write and evaluation where I will reflect upon the experience this project has given me. Also, I will state the various things that I have learnt in this unit.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

DESIGN: Resources

Here are some websites on MacBooks and what they say about using them at school:

The Apple Digital Learning Series provides a collection of value-priced curriculum solutions designed to enhance student information access and productivity, and increase achievement in English, Math, Humanities and Science.

The Apple Classroom Management Solution enables a teacher to observe student activity on an unlimited number of computers. When students need assistance, you can take control of their screens to redirect their efforts. Similarly, you can choose one student's screen and share it with others in the class. Text messaging enables you to interact with individual students or groups to ask and answer questions and provide assistance without disrupting other students. With a drag-and-click simplicity, you can transfer assignments and handouts to any or all of the computers of the class!

Shows the different types of Macs that exist and explains what each one of them are unique in and gives readers an opportunity to find out about the different types of Macs there are in the world.
Apple offers a wide range of softwares, from iLife and iWork. Here, you can explore the softwares of Apple.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

DESIGN: A lesson plan

All types of MacBooks can be used at school, because they can make the lesson easier for kids to understand and enjoy. Teachers of english, maths, science and humanities will find their life much easier if they use the macbooks at school. I will focuse on an english class.

If the teahcer in english class allows macbooks to be used in class, the studnets would be able to write essays and contact the teacher immediately.

Also, the teacher could email the assignment to each of the students, and then be able to save the fact htat students don't understand the assignment because they cab't hear at the back, etc.

Paper would be saved when handing in projects and drafts.