Wednesday, January 30, 2008

How can I use iGoogle to support my learning at QA?

Here are some ways having an iGoogle account supports our learning at QA:

1. Studies:
Having an iGoogle helps us in our studies because we can access yahoo, google, and other search engines, at the same time. Also, we can access our email, make a to do list and record what to do for next lesson in iGoogle. And we can check the dictionary, theasorus, too.

2. Homework:
IT helps us having an iGoogle for homework because we can reach all eductional sites we have saved on our iGoogle, visit the teachers blog to see what is for homework without memorizing the URL, and also helps us in writing what's for homework without needing to write it on paper and losing it.

3. Research:
iGoogle helps us in our research because we can search many websites from the same site. You can search the dictionary, search for pictures, and see what new blogposts there are in an educational blog.

4. Communication:
We can access our email from this one page, see what new messages we have, and inform each other or the teacher about things through an email, without coming out of iGoogle.

You can do ALL of this from just ONE page!!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

iGoogle RSS Account

I had an iGoogle account even before I knew it. It already makes one when you make a blogger. I love it, and would encourage loads of people to make an account on it, really! It's simple:

1. Go to (click on the link)
2. Click on sign up
3. Log in
4. Enjoy adding and taking away things from your RSS!!!!!!


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Technology

iPod Models:

Task 4 – New Blogpost:

· New Technology

Hey everybody!
A very happy new year to all of you, and I hope you got lots of new presents. During today’s lesson, we are going to look @ what types of new technology we got for Christmas or Eid. I will talk about the new and old models of the iPod.

· iPods

iPods have been popular ever since they came out, and ever since, people have been anxious to have them. There are very different models, the

iPod nano, iPod classic, iPod shuffle, and the iPod touch.
(Click on the names to visit the websites for more information.)

iPods have been a very good invention, and watch out for my next blogpost called How can we use iPods at school everyday?